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Television Boyfriends and Other Pretties

Television Boyfriends Are Often Better Than Real Boyfriends. It's Sad But True.

TV Boyfriends Make Me Happy
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This is an icon journal for gigglingkat. Please feel free to watch/monitor it. All posts here are public.

Icons posted here can be used anywhere you wish and as bases for other things. I don't care.

Critiques are love. A request for critiques is not a request for bashing. "These just suck." is not helpful. "I couldn't make out the text." is helpful. "The lack of focus is really distracting to me" is helpful. (Although I often cannot help it.) "A little too busy" or "A little too plain" is fine. Just ... SOMETHING.

If you are using the icons on LJ, you can probably hotlink them. I'm in no way popular enough to crash them.

Current Layout: minty_peach's Sky - modified for colors and pics.
Resources: See the delicious account anything that isn't there was found via Google image search or created myself.
Archive: I am currently storing my pics and icons in LJ's Scrapbook where I can tag and move them without breaking links. You are free to search that way or via the tags here.